3D Product Simulation and Visualization Service for Medical equipment

Written by effetechnology

On November 2, 2021

EFFE technology gives the customer a real virtual web 360 browsing experience comparable to inspecting a product with one hand. We offer the customers the ability to spin your products 360 degree through all browsers and interact with touch points on every device. AR technology enables customers to position the items in their living room to test the potential designs and enhance the consumer experience.

Medikabazaar is India’s largest B2B platform for medical supplies. They optimize the procurement, streamline the availability of medical supplies & equipment, and reduce inventory costs.

Project Name: 3D Product Simulation and Visualization-Medikabazaar

Industry: Medical Industry

Need for Service

To engage the customers for an increased shopping experience with high-quality 3D product simulations.

Process – 3D Product Simulation and Visualization

We create interactive 3D product simulations to ease flexibility and accessibility.

  1. Product Design Audit
  2. 360 Photo-shoot
  3. 3D Modelling, Texturing & Lighting
  4. Building interactions
  5. Coding/Embedding
  6. Hosting

BiPAP Machine 3D Modelling

BiPAP Machine Real Time Experience

Dental Chair 3D Modelling

Dental Chair Immersive AR Experience

Our Strength

Our development team included trained 3D professionals, lighting and texturing artists, content writers, and product simulation developers. We provide world-class UX/UI design to improve the customer experience. It can be easily integrated into any server and is low-cost to maintain.

Our Result – 3D Product Simulation and Visualization

We deliver the 3D product simulation for a highly interactive visual experience for efficient marketing and customer acquisition. Our immersive real-life simulations improve their sales and benefit their business.


Real-Time 3D Product visualization.
Interactive 360° View of product on the website.
Labeling of various parts.
Immersive AR experience.
Ground Plane Detection.
Horizontal Placement.
Simple finger touch operations.
Reposition of product.
Real-Time Colour and Texture Customization.
Dimensions of product in AR view.
Real-Time Reflections.
Real-Time Shadows.
Supports a wide range of Android and Apple Devices.

EFFE Technology, a technology-driven software development company, creating a revolution in the marketing industry and online platforms by delivering immersive and interactive user –experiences with customer engagement applications. Our services can help you to plan and deliver 3D USER EXPERIENCE to maximize scalability and performance.

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