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Hello. We made a brand new 3D Experience Website for Marketing and Communication.

EFFE Technology creates a revolution in the marketing industry and online platforms. We are a technology-driven company delivering great user –experiences and customer engagement programs. We work for 3D technology, product manufacturers, software companies, IT businesses, and startups to build dynamic connections. We develop 3D web applications, marketing strategies, and content promotions to achieve client’s business objectives. Our services can help you to plan and deliver 3D EXPERIENCE to maximize scalability and performance.

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Technological involvement in architecture improves strength, performance, beauty, economy, and efficiency. 

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Technology helps to build bigger and better games and made online games more accessible than ever. 

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EFFE technologies enable medical professionals to track the effect of therapy on the everyday lives of patients.

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Digital technologies allow businesses to capture the customers and market-specific products to them. 

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Businesses use digital technology & software to aware of their workplace from the dangers they may encounter.

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E learning

E-learning uses technology to provide solutions to develop the student’s knowledge and performance.

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Our Process

Hello. We made a brand new 3D Experience Website for Marketing

We identify the numerous possibilities that enable businesses to sustain and grow in this highly competitive digital landscape on technological advancement.

Our Works

Our technology incorporation has brought a revolution in the design firms and branding with full-service marketing.



Architectural technology is created and implemented into a building by preparing the drawings and schedules for architectural designs. One of the challenges faced by architects is working with a client to convince the design works. Our experienced team helps companies eliminate confusion, improve performance and achieve their visions.


Technology improves the overall gaming experience for players worldwide. Technologies in the gaming industry make it more interactive and fun-filling. We provide premium quality game art and game development services to developers and publishers. Our experts design the products on a rich heritage with high-quality standards.


The advancement of digital technology causes drastic changes in the field of medicine and healthcare. It helps to design drugs to disrupting medical imaging to mining medical records. The AR technology enables medical professionals to prepare well for real-life operations. It allows medical students to study the subject in-depth and with depictions of human anatomy without real bodies.


The usage of technology is trending that allows businesses to grab the customer’s attention and market-specific products to them. Providing excellent customer services is a key to successful sales and marketing.  3D technology lets consumers see how the product looks or fits into their own home or business. 


Technologies promote safety in the workplace and reduce deaths and injuries. Technology helps to simulate the physical world and to present workers with training opportunities. It provides the employees with the hazards and recognizes the protection needs. Safety videos are ideal for employee orientation, visitors and contractor induction, training for activity-based hazards.


When applied to education, technology brings transformation in the way of learning. Recent technologies allow teachers to stream audio over the internet. Technologies keep e-learning more attractive and interactive with the teaching strategies to adapt to the digital revolution. We personalize the learning experience to concentrate on specific focus areas in own pace.

Who We Are

Making an impact across the globe for over 10 years, EFFE CONSULTANCY has mostly made marketing and branding experiments that worked. Ten years was a fantastic journey, and we wanted to try some new things. To make the most of what we can offer in terms of marketing and communication. That’s why we started EFFE TECHNOLOGY, an innovation in marketing and communication. But what if we could push ourselves even further? What if we could build something? A real something that you could hold! It was harder than we thought, but it’s here. And it’s called EFFE EXPERIENCE™.

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